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9 Winter Plumbing Tips

9 Winter Plumbing Tips

9 Winter Plumbing Tips

To avoid calling the plumber, check out the following plumbing tips for your home during the winter:

  • Frozen Pipes – Monitor the water pressure during the winter. A change in water pressure may be the first sign of the restricted water flow caused by a frozen pipe. If you notice a drop in water pressure, call your local plumber.
  • To help prevent frozen pipes, allow the faucets to drip when the temperature is at its coldest, during the evening. Let cold water trickle at a rate where the water is slightly smaller than the width of a pencil.
  • Drain outdoor water faucets and disconnect outdoor water fixtures. If an outdoor hose or pipe is connected to the outdoor faucet, during a cold snap, ice can form in the hose or pipe which can build pressure within the water lines inside the house. This can eventually cause the water line to break or leak which can damage the interior of the
  • Install insulated faucet jackets on all exterior water faucets. This will protect the faucet and water lines from the freezing temperatures.
  • Drain the water lines and pipes that lead outdoors by using the shut-off valves in your home. These valves are usually found in crawl spaces, basements and under sinks. They can also be located near the water meter or water heater. Each home may be different, and some homes do not have this valve.
  • Use circulating warm air to keep pipes in the walls from freezing. Maintain the home’s interior temperature above 18 degrees celsius and keep the cabinet doors under sinks and faucets open in order to allow warm air to circulate. This will help to keep the pipes warm, which can prevent frozen pipes. Click here for more information.
  • Close crawl space vents and keep garage doors closed, especially if the water heater is located in the garage.
  • If it snows, make sure the snow does not block your water drainage in areas around sump pump discharge lines. If the water is draining into an area prone to forming a puddle, this water can freeze. Since these lines drain from the basement if the pipe is blocked by ice or snow if could cause indoor flooding.
  • Schedule annual maintenance for your plumbing system. This is the best way to ensure your plumbing is working correctly before the winter months begin. An annual inspection can locate problems before it’s too late.

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