Month: September 2019

19 Sep 0

9 Winter Plumbing Tips

To avoid calling the plumber, check out the following plumbing tips for your home during the winter:

  • Frozen Pipes – Monitor the water pressure during the winter. A change in water pressure may be the first sign of the restricted water flow caused by a frozen pipe. If you notice a drop in water pressure, call your local plumber.
  • To help prevent frozen pipes, allow the faucets to drip when the temperature is at its coldest, during the evening. Let cold water trickle at a rate where the water is slightly smaller than the width of a pencil.
  • Drain outdoor water faucets and disconnect outdoor water fixtures. If an outdoor hose or pipe is connected to the outdoor faucet, during a cold snap, ice can form in the hose or pipe which can build pressure within the water lines inside the house. This can eventually cause the water line
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19 Sep 0

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Home HVAC System

While every winter may be getting legitimately worse, the odds are more likely to be getting older and less able to tolerate frigid winter conditions. Regardless, never before has spring been so welcome in many lives.

Most people are thrilled to replace the buzz of their home gas furnace with the hum of their home air conditioner, which means it’s time to get outside and explore what nature has to offer. Even though the grass may only just now be starting to turn green and, flowers have barely begun to bloom, it is a great time to check out your cooling unit. Being stored away and turned off for the whole winter isn’t always great for your central or split air-conditioner. Now is an excellent time to see if you should replace or repair your unit.

Decide If a Supplemental Air Conditioning Unit Is Best

Before it gets too …

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19 Sep 0

Four HVAC Contractor Lies and the Troubles These Lies Create

With the vast number of HVAC contractors out there, it is safe to say that not all meet the same quality and ethical standards. Some HVAC companies are trusted by many for the quality of work and fair prices. In contrast, some are simply in for a quick buck, so they take some shortcuts and fabricate lies about your HVAC system. These deceitful heating & AC contractors can tell lies that will endanger the performance and even shorten the lifespan of your furnace.

Be aware of the following lies:

All Home Comfort Systems are Plug-and-Play

This is an absolute lie. Some HVAC companies will trick consumers into thinking that purchasing a complete heating and cooling system is just as easy and simple as buying other home appliances such as a laundry machine or a refrigerator. They make the process look like you will only be choosing the unit of …

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17 Sep 0

4 Things to Look for in a Quality HVAC Contractor

There are several reasons that you need to find the best HVAC contractor available. Perhaps you are building a new home and you want to buy and install a new HVAC system for it. Maybe you just want to replace your existing system with a new one. Whatever the case is, you need to find a great HVAC professional to help you.

This is not always the easiest thing to do. There are many HVAC companies out there. Not all of them do a great job or know just how to provide great customer service. So, how can you find a quality HVAC expert? Here are four things to look for.

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1 – References

Talk to customers that have worked with a particular contractor in the past. Most people will be open and honest about giving their opinion of HVAC contractors that have done work for …

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