Month: March 2019

31 Mar 0

What’s The Best Air Conditioner for My Home?

These days’ people have a lot of choices when it comes to central air conditioning to cool their home. You can go with several fairly inexpensive window units, add a few mid-level priced split air conditioning systems or go with the old faithful which is an air conditioning system that is part of an overall HVAC unit. You may ask yourself then, “What’s the best air conditioner for my home?” The answer would have to be by far the air conditioner that is part of your HVAC system.


Since an air conditioner that is part of your HVAC system is located outside of your home it does not affect the looks of the interior of your home at all. It also uses the same existing and hidden ductwork that your furnace does. This means there is no visible air conditioners hanging out of your windows and there is no …

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